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Poseidon ( Ancient Greek : Ποσειδών) is the god of the sea in Greek mythology and the brother of Zeus . Its symbol is the "Poseidon Trident ". Corresponding to Neptune in Roman mythology , Neptune 's Latin name is derived from him. His mount is a golden chariot driven by a white horse. In mythology , he brought horses to mankind , so he is also regarded as the god of horses.

At the beginning, the three Zeus brothers drew lots to divide the sphere of influence equally. Zeus and Hades ruled the sky and the underworld respectively, while Poseidon became the monarch of the sea and lake .


During the crusade against Cronus , the Cyclops gave Zeus the Lightning Fire , Poseidon's Trident , and Hades the Invisibility Helmet . Since then, Poseidon has often held a trident, which has become his symbol . When he is angry, monsters will appear on the bottom of the sea, and swinging a trident can easily set off huge waves, cause storms and tsunamis to sink continents, crack heaven and earth, and even cause powerful earthquakes that shake the entire world. However, the dolphin , the sacred beast that symbolizes him, shows the tranquility of the sea and the gracious divinity of Poseidon. He was adored by Greek sailors and fishermen near the Aegean Sea.

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