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13 Jan 2020, Monday

In ancient times, whether it was jewelry, jewelry or exotic treasures, it was one of the symbols of power and wealth, so the jewelry box or multi-bag used for storage were also owned by the royal family. There are considerable differences. The first boxes of Western jewelry are mostly exquisite and gorgeous in appearance, and they are made of precious metals combined with velvet or leather lining, which are mostly extravagant works; Eastern treasures are mostly made of wood, with elegant patterns engraved on them. Add a little gold, silver or jade embellishment, calm and restrained.     

The styles of the two are very different, but the exquisite performance of the craftsmanship also brings out the uniqueness of the precious jewelry and curios collection.

Jade symbolizes peace, happiness, wealth and auspiciousness; it also has profound oriental cultural heritage.

For the Chinese people prefer jadeite and jade, the images are mostly dragons and phoenixes, peacocks, gourds, auspicious clouds and so on.

Wen Yiduo once said: "Probably before the totem was merged, the so-called dragon was just a large snake. The name of this snake was called "dragon". Later, a group with this large snake as a totem merged and absorbed many other species. The serpent received the four legs of a beast, the head, mane and tail of a horse, the horns of a deer, the claws of a dog, the scales and whiskers of a fish, and became what we now know as a dragon. ”

(Wen Yiduo's "Myth and Poetry") That is to say, the dragon, as a collective totem, is the result of the merger or union of totem clans and tribes.

There is another saying that dragons are animals of another realm.



Maybe the owner will sell jade in the future? Let's also look at the fate with it.

Westerners like shiny and dazzling things, so diamonds, sapphires, pearls, rubies, etc.

The images are mostly graceful and detailed patterns drawn by heroic figures such as elephants, lions and myths.

It is mainly faceted gemstone cutting, which makes the gemstones shine while retaining the gram weight of the colored gemstones to the greatest extent, which is also the hard work of gemstone craftsmen.

Talking about Nordic jewelry antiques:

Since the nineteenth century, the jewelry design styles of the Nordic countries began to get rid of the traditional patterns that have been used for a long time, and began to receive the baptism of the aesthetic design schools of the European continent, and developed a series of design movements. Movement (Arts and Crafts 1860~1910) to Art Nouveau.

(Art Nouveau 1887~1910) and even the Art Deco style (Art Deco 1920~1945), and reached its peak in the Modernism style (Modernism 1945~1970).

Press: It is the owner's favorite because of the myths of Nordic and ancient civilizations, I will add more chapters later.








Source: Taichung Xintiandi Western Museum


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